Here is About Rinjani Hiking Club is one of the Trekking Organizer or Tour Operator Companies that are members of the Seven Summit Indonesia Association, namely Carstensz Pyramid (Jaya Summit), Mount Kerinci, Mount Semeru, Mount Rinjani, Mount Bukit Raya, Mount Latimojong, Mount Binaiya. And we specialize in organizing the Mount Rinjani Trekking and Hiking Tour in Lombok.

Rinjani Hiking Club has been running the Trekking and Hiking Organizer Business for Mount Rinjani since 2010, and has received more than 400 visitors to serve every year, because we have an extensive network throughout Indonesia and even throughout the world, especially Asian countries.

However, the satisfaction of customers who have become part of our Club is a top priority for us (See reviews and testimonials Here).

Some of the slogans that are our main priority in serving customers are, We are Local Experts. So Middle-man Free Pricing, so you can set how the service you want with the concept of 100% Customizable.

about rinjani hiking club senaru with client to rinjani mountain

With the fact that we run this business professionally and expertly, there are No Hidden Charges and of course every Mount Rinjani Trekking and Hiking Tour that you do with the Rinjani Hiking Club Covered by Insurance and Entrance Ticket.

We always innovate in running this business which is inspired by the feedback and reviews given by customers who have traveled with our company.

For us, Rinjani Hiking Club, running a Trekking organizer and Trekking Operator business is a hobby that is channeled into a fun daily activity to share with visitors who are indirectly part of our Club.

Our company is based in Senaru Village, North Lombok West, West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia, which is one of the Main Gateways for Climbing Mount Rinjani, and we also have several branch offices scattered around Lombok such as Sembalun, Senggigi, Gili Trawangan, Kuta Mandalika.

An important point that we note in managing this Rinjani Treking and Hiking company is that Our Club Members are passionate about Trekking and Hiking!

Our mission also includes education about the outdoors and advocacy for important conservation issues. In addition, we are proud to be able to maintain Sustainability, the Green Mount Rinjani National Park so that it remains clean and free of waste so that it remains sustainable. So as a tangible form of that contribution, we provide 3% cashback for our members and customers who participate in bringing back their waste.

So, that’s an overview that you can know About Rinjani Hiking Club