Mount Rinjani Motorcycle Taxi (Ojek Gunung Rinjani) 2023 Phenomena

Mount Rinjani Motorcycle Taxi (A Controversial Convenience for Hikers) : Climbing Mount Rinjani is an extraordinary experience that every adventurer should try. But for those who do not want to waste too much energy at the beginning of the climb, the option of using a motorcycle taxi to cross the Sembalun track to POS 2 has become increasingly popular.

Although it has been a topic of debate among climbers, the phenomenon of using motorbike taxis to reach POS 2 has become a common sight for climbers who pass the Sembalun track. However, some argue that this practice reduces the natural essence of the Rinjani climb and can also be disturbing for those who cross paths with the Mount Rinjani motorcycle taxis.

Nevertheless, the existence of these motorcycle taxis has brought benefits to the local community around Sembalun Village. In addition, some climbers prefer to take a motorcycle taxi to reach POS 2 before continuing to POS 3 and Semablun Rim with more challenging tracks.

Climbing to Mount Rinjani using Mount Rinjani motorcycle taxi services has become a popular option for those who want a shorter hike and don’t want to waste too much energy at the beginning of the climb.

Legality & Price

The motorcycle taxi services already have their own association and club to Sembalun Post 2 with fees ranging from USD 10 or IDR 150,000 to USD 16 or IDR 250,000 for one way, both when starting the track from the Start point and after getting off from POS 3 to Sembalun Village.

The Rinjani Ojek services are in accordance with government regulations no. 12 of 2014 regarding fees to enter the forest area, so motorcycle taxi services are included in the Rinjani climbing package category by using a motorcycle taxi service from the hotel where you are staying to post 2 on the Sembalun route.

Using a motorcycle taxi service is suitable for non-professional climbers who want to save energy and access the Sembalun crater faster. Climbing Mount Rinjani requires sufficient physical strength, and climbing to the summit takes a minimum of two days for the summit program, three or four days for the summit program and the Segara Anak lake.

Trekking Rinjani to Segara Anak Lake

Considerations and Recommendations

The distance from the National Park office or registration site for the Sembalun route to post 2 is 6 km long. If you walk, it takes 3.5 to 4.5 hours to arrive at post 2. However, if you use a motorcycle taxi service, it only takes 40 minutes. Then from post two to Plawangan (Camp area) the distance is only 3.9 km and it takes normal time to arrive at Pelawangan around 4-5 hours.

The price for a one-way motorcycle taxi service is Rp. 250,000, so if you take the two-day program or choose to go back down via the Sembalun route, the budget you need is Rp. 500,000.

The motorcycle taxis available are operated by local people who are professional and experienced in carrying out their profession. The vehicle used has also been modified to ensure the safety of passengers. However, it is not recommended to drive alone, especially for those who are not used to going through this road.

The path that extends to post 2 is also in good condition and is not precipitated. There are some difficult points that sometimes require passengers to walk, especially for those who have a body weight that exceeds the standard, to ensure their safety.


In the end, the decision to use the Mount Rinjani motorcycle taxi service or stick with the challenging and natural concept of the Rinjani hike is yours to make. Whatever your choice may be, it is essential to prioritize

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