What kind of Rinjani Trekking equipment needs to be brought?

Rinjani Trekking equipment needs

What kind of Rinjani Trekking equipment needs to be brought? : When climbing a mountain, a climber must have thorough preparation, including having complete climbing equipment. Any mountain, will treat every climber the same.

There is no special treatment, either for a novice climber or an experienced climber. Anyone who makes a mistake in the middle of climbing activities, then they can experience serious difficulties.

The causes are various, it could be due to running out of food supplies, getting lost, getting cold, and falling into an abyss. That’s why we need to prepare climbing equipment and master climbing techniques.

Climbing equipment for a climber, likened to a weapon for the army. The reason is, the existence of climbing equipment is the main capital to be able to survive for days in the open.

While the technique of mountain climbing, is the ability to utilize equipment so that it can be used optimally. With careful preparation, the risk of accidents that can result in death on the mountain can be avoided.

What kind of Rinjani Trekking equipment needs to be brought?
Mountaineering equipment is indeed an important preparation capital when climbing.

Rinjani Trekking equipment needsPlease note, that the equipment is divided into 2, namely personal and group equipment. Personal equipment is used by each climber. Meanwhile, group equipment is intended for use by the entire group.

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Of the many available mountain climbing equipment, here are the mountain climbing equipment that we must bring:

1. Backpack or Carrier Bag
This climbing equipment is very useful for carrying various types of equipment and food during climbing. When choosing a bag, we not only need to pay attention to its capacity, but also its comfort when used.

2. Mountain Jacket
Mountain jackets are very crucial climbing equipment. We must choose a jacket that not only protects the body from the cold, but also protects the body from sharp thorns. When choosing a mountain jacket, we need to make sure that it is made of a material that is water and wind resistant.

3. Socks
Socks climbing equipment should also not be left behind when preparing for mountain climbing equipment. We need to bring two pairs of socks in anticipation when one of them gets wet. As an alternative, we can also choose to wear waterproof socks.

4. Gloves and Headgear
Gloves and headgear are also important climbing equipment. The reason is, gloves are not only useful as protection from thorns or animal bites.

But, this equipment is also useful for keeping us warm. Similarly, the use of a head covering that can protect the head from cold or heat.

5. Mountain Shoes and Sandals
The next climbing equipment is shoes and mountain sandals. Both types of footwear have their own advantages and disadvantages.

We need to choose its use wisely by considering the terrain to be traversed. Mountain shoes will provide overall protection and can keep your feet warmer. However, the weight of the shoe is usually heavier.

Mountain sandals are suitable for use when we are at basecamp or a resting point. Avoid wearing mountain sandals when climbing, especially in tough terrain because it will invite dangers such as the risk of foot injury, considering that there is no comprehensive protection on mountain sandals.

6. Sleeping Bag
The next climbing equipment that must be brought is a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are the last fort against the scorching cold in the early hours of the morning and to support comfort and safety when sleeping in the open.

This sleeping bag is at least made of polyester material, which has strong durability but is still light when carried.

7. Mattress
Ideally each climber should bring one mat. This mattress can be spread inside the tent to sleep and outside to eat together.

Its main function is as a barrier to cold air on the ground that can be relied upon to accompany us when doing hiking, camping, traveling and other outdoor activities.

8. Tent
Bring a tent with a size that suits the number of groups. Don’t be too big or too small. The reason is, if we bring a tent that is too big, it will be too heavy to carry it.

9. Nesting
Usually, each group of climbers will bring a set of nesting for cooking, including gas and stove. Don’t forget to bring supplies according to the length of the climb and the number of groups.

These supplies can be divided equally or according to the power capabilities of each member.

Additional Equipment
Not only climbing equipment as mentioned above, climbers also need additional equipment. Among them is a map of the hiking trail.

This hiking trail map is very important, because its main function is to know where we are and what our estimated distance to the top is.

This map can be obtained at basecamp or download it on mobile. In addition, we also need to bring a penknife, rope, and flysheet. Some climbers who have already brought a tent may rule out bringing a flysheet.

In fact, this one climbing equipment is quite important. The point is to coat the tent in case of a storm. In addition, the flysheet is also useful as a windbreak so that the temperature inside the tent is not too cold.

In addition, we also need to bring a compass, power bank, poncho or raincoat, flashlight, trekking pole, multipurpose bag, to medicine.

Especially when Trekking Rinjani using the services of the Rinjani Hiking Club, then you only need to bring some personal items including:

Before trekking you should prepare Day pack, as personal Day Pack :

  • Torch or Flashlight
  • 1 pair champ shoes/trek shoes are good
  • Toiletries
  • Sun block/lotion, hat/cap, sun glasses
  • Spray for muscle/balm
  • Insect repellent
  • Camera, Handy cam (Manual or Digital)
  • Small towel
  • 2/3 paces of T-Shirts
  • Long track pants/wind proof
  • Windproof Jacket
  • 2 paces of shorts
  • Track stick/like (optional)
  • Sandals (optional)
  • Swimming Suite (optional)
  • Binoculars (optional)
  • Extra trail snack (we supply fruits, menu)

So there is What kind of Rinjani Trekking equipment needs to be brought before Trekking Rinjani Mountain must you know.

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